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The new version of the Raspberry PI

The new version of the Raspberry PI platform developed by the Raspberry PI Foundation, the Raspberry PI 2, has just been released. It will, once again, generate a level of interest at least as important as the Previous version that sold several million copies. This new version (featuring a Cortex A7 quad core clocked at 900MHz) is indeed 6 times more powerful than its predecessor. And it is 100% compatible with the hardware extensions that have been developed for the initial release.

Raspberry PI

Originally the Raspberry Pi is a miniature computer designed to run Linux. It is developed by the Raspberry Foundation to foster and encourage computer literacy and development by offering a simple machine, attractive in terms of price.

With the Raspberry Pi 2 board, you can continue developing your mini systems around the ARMv7 architecture and on the same size as the previous board but improved. More convenient and complete, the Raspberry Pi 2 opens the doors to even more successful projects.

Thanks to its characteristics and its ARM processor, the Raspberry Pi 2 board works with the Linux distribution of your choice, Android, Firefox OS, etc. More amazingly, it can run programs built with VS 2013 after having installed the Mono framework. MS is even working with the Raspberry PI Community to provide a dedicated version of its W10 OS. This will probably shock the open source aficionados but, believe me, there is a growing demand for that.

This is an economic and convenient solution to develop and run applications connected to a monitor, a TV or a standard off the shelf LCD and touchscreen display.

How to use it has no limits, either as a development platform (since it is able to support languages such as Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, C, C++, Basic, …), as mini web server, as office oriented applications platform or as a true media center able to decode HD 1080p, the limit is your imagination !

The Raspberry Pi 2 can be used by any one looking for a powerful and rich hardware platform for IT projects, consumer or industrial applications.

Many housing solutions are available and, thanks to its small size, it can be included in an existing equipment very easily to drastically enhance its features.

The Raspberry PI has launched a new technological era and you can be assured that the evolution of this type of tiny board will lead to smaller and smaller, more and more powerful and integrated systems that will, for a ridiculous fee allow to embed top notch technology in any equipment of our daily life.


By Pierre Gauvain


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