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INLYNK Software presents the new Octopart EDI

“Hey Mark, it’s Pat from Inlynk, how’s it going?”
“Well, I wish I could answer that all is well!”
“What’s wrong?”
“I need to complete my design with all the references to make sure our buyer makes no mistake.”
“Mark, why didn’t you select your parts within Optymo?”
“Because it’s easier for me to just pick what I need in my Altium library.”
“Let me come up with something to make your life easier!”
This brief conversation was enough to convince me that we should work on an Optymo release (link to the datasheet page) that will simplify the process from parts selection to procurement.

I shared Mark’s frustration with Janine at Octopart and we agreed on providing the market with a simple yet powerful solution to the electronic engineers community.

Engineers can now search for a component by simply clicking on one icon. If the part has been used in a previous project, it will appear in the part window. If not, then Optymo will suggest the Octopart EDI. Click on it, you’ll get access to the corresponding page with all the potential suppliers for this component and all the necessary references. By simply clicking on ONE icon, the component is created in the database. NO typing, NO error!

After the design completion with your PCB Design tool, select the BOM, copy and paste it into Optymo. When you’re ready to buy the parts, you simply have to open the purchasing module and select the supplier or suppliers you want to get a quote from. Optymo will automatically do the rest. Using the powerful EDIs you’ll buy at the right time and at the right price.

For each component, Optymo can store the technical data, history and experience so that designers can choose the best part for their project.

Optymo supports the specifics of the electronics industry, including the multiple references (internal, supplier, manufacturer, customers…) that can be associated with each component, facilitating optimal inventory management and parts use. This saves time by eliminating the duplication of work between design and procurement while avoiding communication errors. You can get Optymo Prime for as low as 250$ per year.


By Patrice Commune



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