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New Development Environment for Optymo 5.0

INLYNK has recently released a new version of Optymo. Several new features have been added, but the main change in this version is the migration to a new development environment used to develop Optymo.

Migrating to a new environment is a major foundation for the future development of Optymo. It will allow us to:

  • Develop new style and feature rich UI in the future
  • Add new built-in graphic capabilities, so as Optymo becomes easier and simpler to use
  • Increase the overall efficiency our customers are looking for

As mentioned above, several new features have been added, our main objective being to facilitate the operation of Optymo and accelerate some repetitive functions.

Production support enhanced: several modes and options have been added to allow users to speed up the production operations and automate recurrent processes

Supplier reminder: in Optymo 5.0, new filters and conditions provide ways to refine the order follow-up process and save time in administrative tasks

Proxy and Firewall: Proxy and firewall configuration capabilities have been widely extended, with the independent definition of a Proxy and Firewall.

Proxy                                         Proxy2


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