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INLYNK Software introduces Optymo 4.4

Montreal – May 7, 2015 – INLYNK ™, a premier software solutions provider for the electronics industry, today, announced the release of version 4.4 of its flagship product.

Optymo is a sophisticated BOM and Parts management solution that helps organizations to better manage their design and production steps. This new version brings several important changes including an enhanced quotation facility.

Here are the main updates of the new 4.4 version:

  • Quotation module
    For many Optymo customers and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) in general, providing rapidly a quote to a customer is key to business success in highly competitive market. INLYNK has expanded Optymo feature and developed a module providing simple and efficient means to get RFQs and compare price and lead-time. The initial “min/max” feature introduced at the beginning of the year has been enriched. It is now possible to rapidly compute unit and total costs for various quantities of a given BOM, calculate the excess costs and the remaining components depending on volumes and packaging, presenting results in graphics format for quick analysis. With this new module, Optymo users are able to respond rapidly to customers’ demands while making sure prices are accurate and margins in line with business.

quotation module 1            quotation module

  • Security functionality
    Optymo integrates a relational database based upon a client/server structure. Data sharing protocol makes the workstations independent of the server. Any data update that is validated by a workstation is passed on to all the others in real-time. Optymo offers now a new feature in case of a computer crash or break down or a network disconnection. A series of security processes will save locally (on the workstations) the data, avoiding any loss of work.
  • EDI Optimizations
    EDIs (Electronic Data Interchange) are a key feature of Optymo, and most users heavily rely on the data provided through these direct links with suppliers and search engines. In order to provide an even better service, INLYNK have optimized some communications mechanisms, speeding up the data transfers and reducing the time for the user to get information in its database.

Optymo 4.4 is already available and accessible to Optymo customers under maintenance.

Since company inception, the founders of INLYNK have been providing tailor-made resource management solutions to the electronics industry. Optymo, INLYNK’s flagship product, bridges the gap between EDA software and management tools, allowing its users to accelerate their time-to-market by optimizing their business processes. From the beginning, their goal has been to provide comprehensive, scalable, and reliable tools that give clients greater control over their electronic parts management complexity.


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