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INLYNK Software introduces Optymo 4.2

Montreal – September 15, 2014 – INLYNK Software is announcing the latest version of Optymo (Optymo 4.2), a doorway between engineering and operations, intended to help with design choices, enhancing component management, purchasing and inventory management.

Optymo addresses some challenges in the electronics industry, such as controlling the complexity of component management, simplifying the workflow between design and operations while increasing reliability, reducing production costs through better management and monitoring of supplier’s specific stocks. With the new version 4.2, INLYNK offers 3 packages in order to better meet the expectations of the market and its various customers:

  • Optymo Design specifically addresses the needs of consultants and design teams
  • Optymo Essentials adds customer management, which allows a consulting firm to manage technical and business activities in one single place
  • Optymo Advanced includes a manufacturing tracking module, constituting a true global solution for electronic SMEs and subcontractors

The new Optymo release also introduces several key features:

  • Graphical exploration based on the basic components
  • Revision control for components
  • A powerful copy/paste function within and between applications
  • Online help and application notes
  • An export module of configurable data

Optymo 4.2 enhances the user’s productivity due to quicker handling and an optimized operation of the software.




Component file tree view
This new version offers a tree view of the component categories and subcategories file. With its new graphical interface, Optymo makes searching for parts much faster and offers a synthetic view of the different components of the database according to their categories and their types.

Component Revision Management
Optymo now includes a revision component management feature that will define several revisions from a given part. This new feature simplifies the management of these components, in terms of their selection, their usage in a BOM and allows for better traceability.

Transferring data by copy/paste
Optymo 4.2 enhances its ability to transfer a large amount of information directly from an Excel sheet into an Optymo window (or vice versa) by simply performing a copy/paste action. Once the data is in Optymo, the software will automatically link the data to the existing reference in the database. Similarly, the user can quickly move data from one view to another. Optymo will automatically filter and adjust the content between the different functions.
“The Copy/Paste feature, available within Optymo is a huge advantage for our users. Importing and exporting data has now become a fast and contextual process that also reduces the risk of error”, said Thierry Cases, Vice-President of Operations at Nutaq.

Enhanced documentation
To easily get Optymo started, online documentation has been extensively reviewed and adapted according to the user’s needs. The multi-language support is more complete and easier to access, enriched with numerous application notes.

Export Module
Optymo is organized around a relational database. Using the Export module, the user can retrieve information from the database and export it to an Excel spreadsheet as well as an Access or ODBC database, with fewer clicks, in order to view and format the data according to his/her needs. This module also simplifies the Optymo interface with other managing tools from your company.

A reliable and established solution
INLYNK also added many changes of detail to facilitate the use of Optymo and increase return on investment for its customers.

Optymo is based on an established and proven technology and offers a powerful yet affordable solution that can be quickly integrated and adapted to a business organizational flow. Optymo was developed in order to meet specific Electronic Design needs. Optymo is a software solution that gives the users full control of their daily business processes and makes the design and production of electronics products constraints easier to manage.

Optymo 4.2 is already available and accessible to Optymo customers under maitenance.

Since company inception, the founders of INLYNK have been providing tailor-made resource management solutions to the electronics industry. Optymo, INLYNK’s flagship product, bridges the gap between EDA software and management tools, allowing its users to accelerate their time-to-market by optimizing their business processes. From the beginning, their goal has been to provide comprehensive, scalable, and reliable tools that give clients greater control over their electronic parts management complexity. For more information on INLYNK and Optymo, please visit INLYNK’s website (

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