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INLYNK Software announces a partnership with the University of Montreal

Montreal – May 26, 2015 – INLYNK Software, a leading resource management solutions dedicated to the electronics industry and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the University of Montreal, today announced a partnership.

The University of Montreal, the second largest in the country, is one of Canada’s major research centers and houses one of Canada’s largest faculty of Arts and Sciences. The goal of this partnership is to provide the students of the Department of Physics with a powerful tool that will help them manage their scientific projects.

The “Technology Group” is a small research unit specialized in design and implementation of specific electronic modules. It is very common in Physics that research projects assigned to students require special instrumentation that does not exist on the market. The role of the Technology Group is then to assist the students at the engineering level of their projects.

With its open database and its EDI features the students will be able to manage their projects from one single location. From design to prototype (BOM management, electronic components selection and creation, documentation and purchasing), Optymo will help save time and eliminate human errors. “INLYNK’s vertical solution is the ultimate tool for our future engineers. Its integration with Altium and all the major vendors makes the parts selection process easier and more reliable,” said Jean-Pierre Martin, Ph.D., and Assistant Director of the R.J-A. Levesque Laboratory at the University of Montreal.

Through this partnership, INLYNK is looking into developing a program with engineering colleges and universities. “Optymo brings operational parameters at the design phase and therefore will help students to incorporate the economics at the very early stage of a project. The university’s constant seek for innovation will greatly help INLYNK to maintain its leadership in the electronic industry”, said Patrice Commune, President and CEO at INLYNK Software Inc.

Since company inception, the founders of INLYNK have been providing tailor-made resource management solutions to the electronics industry. Optymo, INLYNK’s flagship product, bridges the gap between EDA software and management tools, allowing its users to accelerate their time-to-market by optimizing their business processes. From the beginning, their goal has been to provide comprehensive, scalable, and reliable tools that give clients greater control over their electronic parts management complexity.



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