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CES Report

This was my second trip to the CES in Las Vegas, and it was a particularly busy show for me with many meetings. Although the show takes place during the first week of January, the weather was nice, between 65 and 70 ºF, while it was freezing cold back home with temperatures as low as -27 ºC on Jan 8th.

Did you know that -40 ºC and -40 ºF are actually the same temperature? In Montreal, we weren’t far from hitting such lows.

I digress, now back to Vegas…

I spent a good chunk of my time in the Venetian suites. I got the feeling there was a low attendance, which might have been disappointing to the exhibitors but it was a great opportunity for me to carefully listen to the various systems. To me, the best sounding room was the Verity Audio Lohengrin driven by the Lamm Industries electronic. Every single LP played sounded fabulous. I was stuck on the couch until my iPhone reminded me of my next meeting.

My wife gets confused about all the buttons to press to start my audio system. Well, darling I found the perfect product for you: the Dan D’agostino MLife! A beautifully designed integrated amplifier with a built-in Bluetooth, AirPlay and DLNA, while adding an LCD display too! Simply gorgeous!


I am not that interested in TV technology but I have to admit I was impressed with the 4K UHD TV. No need to debate about flat or curved display when you can have both. LG has released a bendable OLED TV, push a button on the remote and you go from flat to curved and back. Unfortunately, there are no programs that support the 4K resolution at the moment.

You should have seen the line up to test drive the BMW i3 or i8, unreal! I didn’t have a chance to see the interior of the i8 but let me tell you, this car is to become a design-icon. The grand door-opening is a spectacle by itself..

A demo at the 3D systems booth was a print of a fashionable pair of shoes. They were attractive and when a female visitor asked “Are they comfortable?” the rep answered “fashion is pain.”
Anyways, if you want to keep up with the latest consumer electronics, car tech, smart appliances, health gadgets, and more Las Vegas should become your January destination of choice.
Last but not least, I’d like to share an outstanding video of the Parrot Theater at the CES:


By Patrice Commune


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