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Back from RTS

The RTS (Real Time Systems) Exhibition and Conference took place last week in Paris (April 1&2) at the La Defense Conference Center. Besides realtime systems, the exhibition was also featuring IoT, M2M, and RF/microwave products and services. INLYNK Software was kindly hosted by Neomore, a leading French distributor for development tools and embedded solutions.

The attendance on the floor was quite good, probably linked with the major topics that were presented during conferences around the Internet of Things, the famous IoT, one of the most popular buzzword in the electronics industry nowadays.

The trend was clear, looking at the conference room when this topic was discussed: the room was full and “late birds” had to stand outside. It was also very present on exhibitors’ displays, whether for hardware, software, services or communication solutions.

RTS             RTS Conference

With IoT, Internet is invading all sorts of areas and applications, opening large opportunities for the electronic industry. Miniaturization, ultra low power, wireless, communication protocols, infrastructure development, service platforms… It encompasses so many domains that it might very well be the new “Eldorado”. Big players like ARM and Intel are well engaged; IBM just announced a massive 3 Billion dollars investment to get his piece of the pie.

2 interesting applications amongst the many examples of current deployment:
• A web platform monitoring SIM cards from various operators and allowing applications in areas as diverse as fleet management, security, remote operations, all at a fraction of cost of more traditional ways
• A tracking device used to measure movements and use of construction equipment on large building sites (roads, railways, bridges…) to optimize fuel consumption and therefore carbon print

For INLYNK Software, electronic industry growth is certainly a good news and we’ll surely also grab our piece of the pie. For the French team, RTS have been a great opportunity to meet with our users visiting the show and also engage with several potential customers.

By Thierry Le Gall


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