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Back from EPTECH

Last week, INLYNK attended 2 of the EPTECH events in Ottawa and Mississauga. EPTECH is the only series of coast-to-coast national shows in Canada, covering the electronics industry.


Through EPTECH and its organizers we were given the ability to meet with many loyal customers who have been with INLYNK over the years and have made us successful. In addition, it has allowed us to meet with potential customers therefore increasing the awareness around the INLYNK brand towards the market, and also reasserting our position towards the competition.

We strongly believe in the positive impact that our participation at EPTECH will bring to INLYNK Software in the next coming years and we want to thank the organizers and all the visitors that met us at our booth or took the time to speak with us on the floor.

By Daren Saroop


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