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Already a year with INLYNK, time flies!

I can’t go thru this anniversary without remembering the initial discussion I’ve had with Patrice about this new venture.

When he came to me with the description of what will be Optymo, it was a dream comes true! I was reading the description of a product I always wanted to have as an electronic engineer.

I’ve spent most of my career developing electronic systems of all kinds, from engraving and laser cutting systems to automated water quality management systems and test benches for embedded automotive industry.
Each time, the designs of these systems, was a new challenge with cost of production and time to market being critical criteria. These systems were always using components based on the most advanced technologies and it was important to be able to validate their selection, qualification and supply from the prototype stage to the final production with the most possible efficiency.

The component selection phases and entry of the corresponding information in the EDA software were very much time consuming and had to be considered in the overall development cost at a significant level. These phases, according to the times, were based either on searches in big and heavy paper Databooks, or, more recently, using the resources put online by the manufacturers themselves and their suppliers.

There was a huge frustration in having no other choice than using resources such as spreadsheets and text files and then store the information going back and forth from the EDA software with countless multiple data entries during the full cycle from specification to sales.

One of the features that attracted me the most in Optymo, is the ability to search for resources, pricing and purchasing of components from an integrated environment.

Indeed, all these tedious phases could finally be drastically reduced by accessing the technical characteristics of the components, the prices and lead time in one click of a mouse. This information is then stored immediately in the Optymo database and enriched step by step in a structure that has been specifically designed for storing it as efficiently as possible in suitable categories.


The development of electronic systems using EDA software can thus directly benefit from these searches ahead of time or in parallel with Optymo. The EDA steps being completed, the final BOM can easily be imported into Optymo. Prices and lead times for the new board can be automatically calculated for prototypes, small series and/or production quantities, enriching the database as BOM and as finished product. These unique features optimize the design, the costing and procurement phases with an immediate return on investment.

Optymo: a dream come true for every Electronics system designer and buyer.


My regret? Not having had access to Optymo for developing these systems during all these years.

My goal today? To create awareness about Optymo and make sure my friends in the electronic design industry benefit of its unique features.


By Pierre Gauvain


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