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31 août

New Development Environment for Optymo 5.0

INLYNK has recently released a new version of Optymo. Several new features have been added, but the main change in this version is the migration to a new […]
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12 mai
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CDT Technology Seminar

Second largest city and capital of Turkey, Ankara was the location of the annual technology seminar organized by CDT, our newly appointed distributor for the region. Ankara is […]
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8 avril
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Back from RTS

The RTS (Real Time Systems) Exhibition and Conference took place last week in Paris (April 1&2) at the La Defense Conference Center. Besides realtime systems, the exhibition was […]
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12 mars
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Already a year with Inlynk, time flies!

I can’t go thru this anniversary without remembering the initial discussion I’ve had with Patrice about this new venture. When he came to me with the description of […]
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17 février

The new version of the Raspberry PI

The new version of the Raspberry PI platform developed by the Raspberry PI Foundation, the Raspberry PI 2, has just been released. It will, once again, generate a […]
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6 février

Old time technology

Back in the old days…wait a minute! When was that? 15-20 years ago? 20 years ago only, and it already feels like another century. Technology has evolved so […]
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22 janvier
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CES Report

This was my second trip to the CES in Las Vegas, and it was a particularly busy show for me with many meetings. Although the show takes place […]
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7 janvier

INLYNK Software presents the new Octopart EDI

“Hey Mark, it’s Pat from Inlynk, how’s it going?” “Well, I wish I could answer that all is well!” “What’s wrong?” “I need to complete my design with […]
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22 décembre
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What a year!

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? It has been an amazing year for INLYNK! Our team has grown, we moved into a new office, we […]
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9 décembre
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Welcome to our new website and blog!

We are very excited to launch our new website! Over the summer we decided to re-design our website to give it a more modern touch. We wanted the […]
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